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Haven't we met before?

There’s a good chance you already know us. We’ve been part of consumer brand development for more than 20 years. From the technology used to serve up your favorite burger to the mobile device that connects your world, we’ve left our mark on dozens of iconic brands.


We know success because we’ve had our share of setbacks. Through proper planning we’ve overcome adversity - emerging stronger every time. Whether navigating the dot com bubble, through the great recession, or the latest health crisis, we’ve learned a lot along the way.


One thing sets us apart, our people. While we all know location is key, equally important are people. Developing and empowering our greatest asset and giving them runway to take flight is our strongest suit. If you are looking for a boutique style firm with national reach, the sky's the limit™ with Airbrands.

John is a hospitality and airport concessions executive with over 20 years experience collaborating with iconic brands. As a 1st generation American he appreciates the value of diversity, working closely with the local business community advocating for equity and inclusion. Recently, he expanded several consumer brands and successfully led their acquisition by private equity firms. 

Today, he serves as president of a minority-owned airport concessions, consulting, & brand management firm. John is civically engaged and honored to sit on several notable and not for profit boards. A Chicago native, he lives in Ukrainian Village with his loving family. As an avid supporter of a number of charitable and worthwhile causes, he regularly volunteers in the Latino & business community as an adviser, panelist, and speaker.

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